1.4.1 returns axis when rebinding instead of button

I've discovered a regression with the latest version of the input system where it returns the whole axis instead of the button/direction when rebinding using a gamepad.
In 1.3.0, pushing any stick to the left would give me /leftStick/left but now it instead returns /leftStick/x. This makes it incredibly hard to set up precise rebinds.

I've submitted a bug report about this, IN-11956. In the meantime, my only choice is to stick with the 1.3.0 and cherry-pick some fixes myself because a large chunk of my rebind system does not work with 1.4.1.

If this by any chance is by design, what would be the proper way to get the old better behavior back?

You can specify in your rebinding operation that it should only consider buttons, and then /leftStick/left/right/up/down should come through and leftStick/x and leftStick/y will be ignored. Add the following call to your rebind operation: .WithExpectedControlType<ButtonControl>().


Boy am I glad to came across this threads, after frustrated trying to solve similar issue on my end, I do really hope this is documented much more clearly in the documentation.