1 Material 1 Texture from Blender to Unity

I have a model that has transparent eyelashes.

I created an Atlas for all textures (body, eyelashes, eyes etc). Atlas image is .png Transparent. The principle I use is 1 Material 1 Texture for every model.

But when i export it as .fbx and import it in Unity eyelashes look weird. Rendering mode is Opaque but if i change it to Transparent it looks like this Any help please?

I’ve been struggling with this issue for days. In blender it looks fine when i connect the Alpha from Image Texture to Alpha in Principled BSDF. Even using Alpha Clipping still makes it look weird.
If i use One material for Eyelashes and change it to transparent then it works fine BUT we don’t want to use more then 1 material.

Is there a way?