1 RenderTexture but 4 RenderTexture Switches?

I’m trying to identify performance bottlenecks using the Rendering Profiler, but some of the information seems contradictory to me:

RenderTextures: 1 - 63.3 MB

RenderTexture Switches: 4

If there’s only one RenderTexture, then what exactly is it “switching” to (four times)?

(Or does the framebuffer not count in the tally of RenderTextures, so it’s switching back and forth between the framebuffer and the rendertexture?)

Either way: how can I identify where or why these switches are happening? When I look in the Frame Debugger, I don’t see anything related to RenderTextures – what should I be looking for that would explain this?

OK, it’s just gotten even weirder – I identified the rendertarget as being due to this bug, and edited my camera’s prefab to fix it… However, now the Profiler information makes even less sense:

RenderTextures: 0 - 0 B

RenderTexture Switches: 2

This time there really DOES seem to be no rendertextures, only the framebuffer… so what is it “switching” between now?