100 Fantasy Medieval Buildings Pack (done!)

EDIT: Done! Check out the Showcase thread. Need help determining price too. There's a poll. Vote if you're interested. :)

So I started making a hand painted medieval fantasy house pack a few days ago. I'm unsure how big the pack will be yet, and yeah its still very WIP. I barely had free time since I started so I didn't get very far, even tho I planned to finish it in a week. I'm focusing on textures atm. Here's a few screenshots. They're are all from Blender's editor, so its a bit dark. Whacha guys think?

EDIT: Pack will contain 100 fantasy medieval buildings.

Made a tileable roof texture and a test house.

1790408--113904--Screen 003.png

The door texture.

1790408--113905--Screen 002.png

A few more test houses with color variations.

1790408--113906--Screen 004.png

House Pillars.

1790408--113907--Screen 005.png

Added a sort of block for corners of the pillars. I'll improve that texture more its pretty much a draft.

1790408--113908--Screen 006.PNG

And that's it for now. I want to do a brick and stone wall texture tomorrow. Any thoughts, critiques, suggestions?


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Added a fence, and stone blocks to the blue house.

Imported in Unity to see how it looks. Part of the roof went missing for some reason, but I'll fix that, I've been meaning to replace the whole roof model, the tiles look distorted on some parts.

1790659--113929--Screen 008.PNG

1790659--113930--Screen 009.PNG

1790659--113931--Screen 010.PNG

1790659--113932--Screen 011.PNG

And finally the top down view. Orthographic in this case.

1790659--113934--Screen 012.PNG

A couple more Blender screens. Improved the wood pillar texture, and made a few variations of it. Also did a basic tileable stone brick wall texture, but Its still not finished. Been super busy these last couple weeks, I wish I had time to do more daily.

Lookout tower test building.

1791069--113984--Screen 013.PNG

And a sort of weird umm, guard house?

1791069--113985--Screen 014.PNG

That's it for today, I didn't have time to do more unfortunately. But once I finish all the textures the model making part will go super fast.

A few more new houses and screens from Unity, part 1. :slight_smile:

Starting off with my favorite. :slight_smile:

No idea what this building could be. Looks sort of like an ex tower turned into a mill or something.

My second favorite.

Unfinished fort. I need to make some stone floors and circular rooftops before i can finish it.

Part 2.

Another WIP thingy. Don’t know where I’m going with it but I like how it looks like shackles.


The small lookout tower.


That house you get when you have a roommate in medieval times.

These are too small to be real houses but somehow I like the compact look. xD

Part 3. All of them together. I decided the number will be 100 of medieval fantasy buildings in the pack.
I was busy the last couple weeks but the next week I’ll hardly have any time to work on this, but hopefully tomorrow I make an archery and blacksmith, or some other functional building.

Any suggestions, critiques, something you really dislike, or like?
Feedback is welcome!

I’ve been sick and busy with exams but I’m back with a few more houses.

1806787--115311--022.PNG 1806787--115312--023.PNG 1806787--115310--021.PNG 1806787--115309--020.PNG

Keep up the good work bro. Like the way it’s coming along. Too bad nobody else said anything.

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Thanks! They’re probably busy making games. :wink:
I’m getting better with wood work, which I’ll show in a couple hours or so, if I don’t get carried away and forget. lol :smile:

New types of walls, and new door.

1807319--115366--030.PNG 1807319--115367--031.PNG

3 new houses.

1807321--115368--024.PNG 1807321--115369--025.PNG 1807321--115370--026.PNG 1807321--115371--027.PNG 1807321--115372--028.PNG

Non ortographic.

I like these very much. Well done.

May I suggest you have one model with an archway (could be square), or just an archway you could place between 2 buildings. This could be used to make a cozy courtyard.

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Thanks! Not sure what you mean (got a few diff archway idea). Can you give me a reference pic as example? I’ll try that tomorrow. Gonna post a couple more buildings and head to bed. :smile:

Here is an example of what I was visualising:


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Ah, got it. No problem. Thanks.

2 more houses. Sort of wasn't sure where I was going with the blocky one, so its unfinished. I'll either make it into something or discard it. Its pass 4am I'm out of gas, lol.

1807368--115375--032.PNG 1807368--115376--034.PNG 1807368--115377--035.PNG 1807368--115378--036.PNG

Some torches. Ignore the random walls in the back. That’s just mesh parts from previous pics.


Wow I forgot to update in a while! Here’s building #20 and one of my favorites.

1810988--115674--046.png 1810988--115675--044.png 1810988--115676--045.png 1810988--115677--043.png 1810988--115678--042.png