100% ragdoll driven character... how

I'm trying to make my character model 100% ragdoll all the time. I'm not sure exactly how to start really. So far all i got is the ragdoll all set up. I'm using configurable joints not character joints. What i need to know is how to make him more and less like a ragdoll using variables. I hope I'm being clear lol. I have two animations done so far walking and running. So how do i blend it in with the ragdoll basically. Sorry if this is confusing and thank you for any suggestions. BTW I did search for tutorials but none of the ones I found were helpful except for the video "Physics the right way" on Unity's website. I got some tips from that.

You might want to consider if full ragdoll is really what you need, since there are a few alternatives available:

1- ragdollify a game model: your game model needs to become ragdool, you destroy it, and instantiate a ragdoll prefab in its place. PRO: very easy to implement; extremely lightweight. CON: requires a ragdoll prefab; can’t achieve spectacular effects easily.

2- kinematify a game model: your game model is basically a ragdoll without physics. whenever you want, turn the rigidbodies attached to it into driven objects. PRO: requires little implementation; no need for additional prefab; can easily achieve spectacular effects with scripting. CON: uses more CPU than when ragdollified;

3- full ragdoll: animate the physics objects rather than the game model (complex subject with tongue-in-cheek, albeit fun, results). You need to google for this to see some examples and start to understand how it works. PRO: fun to look at, albeit at times spastic, which sometimes adds to the fun. CON: complex to implement. requires a lot of CPU compared to the other methods.

4- URGent ragdoll, our very own alternative: manage each transform physics within a single scripting class. Transition back and forth from animation to physics in any moment. PRO: extremely versatile; allows high quality finetuning. requires little more CPU than kinematified ragdolls, and offers a lot more functionality CON: requires accurate setup and dedicated management, albeit far less complicated than full ragdoll’s, when done manually.

Point 4 is all about URG! the automatic game model physic manager that we develop. The free version offers a -lot- in the subject, and includes example scripts and prefabs for all cases, so please check it out if you’re interested.

Just Cause 2 used similar kind of system: Nilsson_Andreas_PhysicsMeetsAnimation.pdf

I would get the current joints rotations in Update, let the Animator run, in LateUpdate get new rotations and restore old, in FixedUpdate use ConfigurableJoint (instead of CharacterJoint) and set desired targetRotation. The trickier part would be to balance the character >.> and now you can use joints instead of IK D:

I suggest you to begin with a 4 legged character. You start with the spline. Each segment has a configurable Joint with a script attached to it that controls the contraction with a delay. The delay increases from the head to the tail. The result should look like a snake. Then You add your legs attached to the spline by the same kind of configurable joints. Finally you creates and destroy hinge joints froms the legs to the ground as the character walks.

Question was: 100% ragdoll driven character… how?

Answer: Like this, AnimFollow from Kavorka Games

yeh beby ragdoll.... my char moves but he doesnt put legs on the next stairs, he just falls his legs under stair brush