1080p and horrible blurry elements


I know this question have already been asked but I’m still stuck on it, even with answers I find.

So I’m making a 1080p 2D game, and I set my canvas to 1080p settings, like this :

It works well, the canvas is 1920 x 1080. But now, when I place an element, a text for exemple, it looks terrible !

I’d like to know how I can fix it, it’s not even an image, just a default UI element and it’s totally blurry and horrible.


I know this is an old question but i’d still like to answer it.

In my experience UI elements looks horrible in the scene but as soon as the game is built it will look just like you expect it to. If that however has proven NOT to be the case I can recommend textmesh pro, it’s a free asset and the text comes with more options and generally looks more “crisp”.