12k poly character too much for iphone?

I have a character already rigged and animated but it’s 12k poly’s. I would have to redo everything to make it lower res so my question is,

If there’s only 1 - 2 characters of this poly size in view at once, can the newer iphone / ipad / android phones handle it?
Of course the map meshes, textures, lights etc. will all be wayy less and more optimized, but I’m just wondering if I can get away with one character of this size. Or should I completely redo him and lose a lot of work?
I hear 70k tops in view is what I should aim for on newer devices, so if this is true I’m not sure how much of a dent this character will put in my scene.
If it matters the game is a 3PS, not top down. Thanks

It isn’t necessarily. It’s all about allocating resources and if you decide to allocate more to you’re character models, then you just can’t use as many elsewhere. And if you are ok with “sacrificing” somewhere else, then that’s fine. With good level design that makes effective use of occlusion culling then you shouldn’t have any problems staying under 70k.