1920 x 1080 ScreenShot

Hello all,

Any idea how I can capture 1920x1080 ScreenShots using code. Currently using the classic:

// The folder we place all screenshots inside.
// If the folder exists we will append numbers to create an empty folder.
var folder = "ScreenshotFolder";
var frameRate = 25;

private var realFolder = "";

function Start () {
    // Set the playback framerate!
    // (real time doesn't influence time anymore)
    Time.captureFramerate = frameRate;

    // Find a folder that doesn't exist yet by appending numbers!
    realFolder = folder;
    count = 1;
    while (System.IO.Directory.Exists(realFolder)) {
        realFolder = folder + count;
    // Create the folder

function Update () {
    // name is "realFolder/0005 shot.png"
    var name = String.Format("{0}/{1:D04} shot.png", realFolder, Time.frameCount );

    // Capture the screenshot
    Application.CaptureScreenshot (name);

Anyone got any script to help me get 1920 x 1080 stills. No I don't want to trial and error until I stretch it to that size.



How about to use `Screen.SetResolution(1920,1080,true);`.

If your PC can’t run this resolution you can’t render the image with that size. The only way would be to capture it with a lower resolution and scale it up if you really need them to be 1920x1080. But that wouldn’t boost your quality…

You may capture higher resolution than you screen has with Renderator http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/renderator.381844/

Dont use Application.CaptureScreenshot it gives poor results, instead use RenderTexture, you can set the target resolution for the capture image when creating a RenderTexture. Take a look around you will find some code in the forums .