1st person arms still clipping with near plane 0.01

Hello. I have a problem with my first person arms. They are still clipping with camera (I can see the “insides”) even though I have set the near clipping plane of camera to 0.01. Do you know how to fix the issue? Maybe it has something to do with model? I’m using blender.15483-screen.png

Don’t set the near clipping plane distance below the default 0.3! Low near plane values result in quite noticeable Z-fighting: overlapping objects beyond some distance flick their contours crazily when you move or rotate the camera. Anyway, this should solve your problem (despite creating another one): if it isn’t working, something else is setting the near plane to the original value

A possible solution is to modify the camera position so that the near plane doesn’t touch any part of the body - it’s easy to see the near plane in the Scene view. Another possibility is the two camera approach: place the body in some specific layer and disable this layer in the main camera; add a second camera with higher depth and enables only this layer - you can use a low near plane distance in the second camera, since it only renders the player.

Eric 5h5 answers your issue here if this helps


Worked for the similar situation I was having!