2.01 Update

Much appreciate you all adding the folder location of the project to the hub. This makes it much easier to use!

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This is so much better ! Thanks, guys.

Quite opposite. Having /Users// prefix for all path on mac is simply useless. Would be much better to have path relative to user homedir

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We wanted to release a quick fix to what was generally considered a UX regression from Hub v1. Another concept we’re discussing for a future release is the idea of setting a “project home” path as the default for all newly created projects. We do have a longer list of other enhancement we want to tackle first (e.g remove project from the list) so I can’t say when this will happen.


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Unity Hub is good for its purpose. Feedback on Unity Hub 2.0.1

  • Sometimes the project path is long and much more informative to select a project, so it deserves to take more space, and even in small font size is also fine. Point is to see the project path as much as possible

  • The current project path space is not enough and in a very big font. If you keep it in this font size, then the UI would become so overloaded

  • The old view of the project path in a popup when the mouse-hovers was also not comfortable

  • The project path should be in small font size and should occupy the whole row space under the columns entry Project Name, Unity Version, Target Platform and Last modified.

  • Unity version is duplicating and it’s doing its function under Unity version column, it should be removed from the Project Name column

  • ISSUE: Target doesn’t get set as it is supposed to. As it should detect the project platform and set itself AND if the user changes the target platform from Hub and it should get changed when the user opens the project with that platform.


I hope it helps!

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I have now the issue where my paths are too long, and now it is worse than version 2.0.0 - where I could hover the project name and see the full path. Could you reimplement the "hover to see full path" feature?

(Edit) I also just noticed that you can now resize the Unity Hub Window, this helps when having long paths!

It would be nice to fix this interface when you have a lot of platforms installed!


I was just about to create a new thread regarding this issue when I came across this post.

It would be very helpful for the string truncation ellipsis to be moved from the end of the string to the beginning or middle.

In my situation, I have multiple VCS workspaces for the same project (different branches or releases). The path is shown with the most important information excluded: the folder the project resides in. The only reason one would need to see the beginning of the string would be if the project workspaces reside on different drives or in wildly different locations.

I know the window width could be increased to reveal the full path, however the Unity Hub application doesn't retain window size when reopened. It would be much simpler if the critical portion of the path was always visible.

Actually, it would be awesome if we could just provide "friendly names" or "nicknames" to projects, but that would require additional metadata.

This is not an improvement. There is no longer a tooltip with the path either. If you're going to truncate the path, at least show us the last portion of it instead of the first. I'm going to stop using Hub for now. I'll check back when you update.


I absolutely agree with PW_Dave. This is NOT an improvement. In fact, it's worse than 2.0.0
If you are going to truncate the path, you should provide the tool tip so we can at least see the full path. Am I suppose to guess what comes after the ellipsis?

@DanielTG it seems the number of projects listed in the hub is limited and it's annoying to add projects to the list from time to time. As an asset publisher I manage many projects (for different Unity versions) for each asset. Please increase that number. Thank you.


IDK if someone mentioned this already or not in the past, I’ll do here. Please, remove the “open the project” link arounf the menu button in the project list, on the right hand side. If you miss-click the vertical three-point menu (and it’s easy to do that), you start a lengthy process to open up a Unity Editor.
Please do it like a normal button: leave a square ample space around the three dot-label - just like a button.
Otherwise I won’t repeat myself (my other thread about the Hub 2), I guess they will be addressed sooner or later.


While they are fixing the stuff, just resize the Hub window. So the path will be revealed. They don’t save the window size though, so you will need to do it every single time. :frowning: But at least one small step in the right direction.

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add "delete project " option :)

Here is my feedback in order of priority:

  • Dark theme would be amazing! As a developer, late nights really hurt my eyes with this light theme.
  • I would really like to see the tool tip of the full path when hovering over the project.
  • I don't like the notifications for cloud projects. I would rather them just automatically load in and there be a refresh button that I can press.
  • I prefer the cloud projects to be in their own tab. They clutter things very quickly for me.
  • I like the list view of my installed editors better than the card view.

All in all a great tool, but these improvements would help tremendously. Thanks again such a great tool! :)

This, so much this. Either add a tooltip or let me change the width of columns.

Release notes link would be nice.


It would be nice to have the option to Forget projects to keep it clear of testing projects. They won't be deleted, just will no longer appear in the Hub.


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Where did the preferred version option go?

It’s no more.