2-3 MovieTexture from same file, bug ??


I’m instantiating a prefab with a movietexture. This movietexture is load with

MT_videoCa = (MovieTexture)Resources.Load ("Video/ca_720", typeof(MovieTexture));

If i instantiate one time no problem. But if i instantiate a new prefab with same file the video is fastest and audio same. For each new instantiate prefab, more and more faster.

It’s a bug of movie texture? anyone can help me?

Thans you.

I saw that unity do not allow to load 2 movie texture from same file using Resources.Load. If you do this then two textures are showing same time video on two textures.

I solved the problem using www to load the movie.

WWW www = new WWW("file://c:/Digalix/Resources/video/ca_720.ogv");
				MT_videoCa = www.movie;
				while (!MT_videoCa.isReadyToPlay) {
					yield return null;

The only problem is… on unity 5.3.2 show an error

Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource (null), (An invalid parameter was passed to this function. )

But Application work fine and do not crash… :frowning:

If anyone knows any other solution??