2 Audio listeners in scene, despite the fact 1 is disabled or destroyed


Currently adding local coop to game. When one player is killed I disable its audio listener, then enable the other player’s listener.

player.GetComponent<AudioListener>().enabled = false;
player2.GetComponent<AudioListener>().enabled = true;

Still getting the warning that “There are 2 audio listeners in the scene”

Also tried destroying the component, but to no avail. have confirmed in inspector that the AL component is disabled/destroyed.


Before player 1 is killed, there are technicially 2 audiolisteners in the scene (one is disabled). Anyone know why this suddenly becomes a problem when I switch P1 off and P2 on?


Yes. You can have 2 audio listeners as long as only 1 is enabled.

There is a bug if you add multiple objects that have audio listeners on them. If you feel you get the message in error, search in your hierarchy for t:audiolistener. It will populate the list with all your objects that have an audio listener on them. If there is only 1 enabled you are receiving the message in error. If you attempt to delete all audio listeners you will receive compile errors but the console will have no information.

I found relaunching Unity did not help. I had to do a full system reboot.

Edit: Bug found in 4.6

i think you can only have 1 at all in the scene at any one time