2 camera view render

Is it possible to simultaneously render 2 camera views on the same screen without splitting teh viewport? Yes, you guessed it right. This is for a stereo project.

Do you mean you want to do old-school "anaglyph" style 3d, using a "red view" version and a "blue view" version within the same screen space?

I think to do this you might need to use Unity Pro's feature of rendering to a texture, to render both the left and right views, and use an image processing effect to filter the view of each side to the correct colours.

It may also be possible to use the camera's rendering directly, if you set the second camera's "clear flags" value to depth only, and use shaders on all your objects which blend in the correct way with the view already drawn with the first camera (rather than just drawing completely over them).

I haven't tried either of these methods, these are just suggestions of directions in which you could explore further. Good luck!