(2) Cameras, (2) Displays, all UI events seem to go to one camera

Hello. I have (2) non-overlapping cameras on separate displays, separate canvases, separate UI elements and want button click events to call the script on the appropriate camera.

The problem:
Instead, click events on either display call the script on one of cameras only. Changing ‘depth’ on the cameras chooses which one gets the events, but I want button click events to call the script only on the appropriate camera.

Do I have to abandon the editor-configured events and use something like ViewportPointToRay() (would that even work?), or is there a simpler way to fix this?


hello, you are missing 2 parts, you are never enabling the multidisplay thats dine like this

 Debug.Log("displays connected: " + Display.displays.Length);
 // Display.displays[0] is the primary, default display and is always ON.
 // Check if additional displays are available and activate each.
 if (Display.displays.Length > 1)
 if (Display.displays.Length > 2)

and remember, that you CANT test multidisplay from inside unity editor, so you will have to build the game or do some work arround. i have tested your project and adding those lines in the start (be sure you only do it once) and building worked for me