2 cameras vuforia

Hey all, I’m stuck.

I have two cameras in my scene. One is for my UI and is set to depth 2 and is only showing items on the GUI layer. Clear flags set to proper settings.

My other is the prefab camera from vuforia for augmented reality. Set to depth one and only showing items from the models layer.

Problem is…
The model from the Augmented reality is showing up over my UI…this is confusing me given that the camera on the UI is set to a higher depth…anyone know what I can try to fix this?

P.s I used 2d sprites to make my UI…

In my Vuforia plugin testing project i have the following setup :

Vuforia Camera (ARCamara) Depth 1, clear flags - solid color, culling - mixed (all except UI)
GUI camera Depth 1.33, clear flags - don’t clear, culling - UI.

All gui is on UI layer, and it works like a charm models don’t go behind gui.