2 frame delay from button press till GetKey registers it

So I’m getting into the habbit of running big loops to drop the framerate so I can test stuff on a frame by frame level. I’m running a 80 million loop which gets my framerate to around 1fps. So I’ve been testing input detection, I press a button (space in my case) halfway through a frame, the next frame happens, then the next and then it’s on the next frame when GetKey says that space has been pressed. Is there any reason for this?

The next frame should not be responsible to your key input, basically because that frame is being drawn right the moment you click it, and the information is working in with is the one that have been buffered before that current frame has been pressed.

The X frame has been drawn with your X-2 input.

The frame has been processed at X-1.

If you enter an input at X, it will be get by the system at X+1 to be processed and drawn at X+2.

I don’t have any documentation to link, so I may be wrong somewhere.

Don’t know if you have been doing this, but try to use the monoDev, attached to unity, to debug the behaviour.