(2 hidden skinned meshes) or (1 extra draw call) for character props?

I have a character of 540 triangles and 3 different weapons for him, of 80 triangles each. They all share the same material, but there would be only one visible weapon at a time.

So would it be best to include in the .FBX file 3 skinned meshes with (character + weapon1), (character + weapon2) and (character + weapon3), or have one skinned mesh of the character and 3 weapon meshes?

If I'd be using 3 skinned meshes, I'm planning to make 2 of the skinned meshes game objects inactive. If I have separate weapon meshes, they won't batch (because I can't get the character to less than 300 vertices).

If the 2 unneeded skinned meshes (gameobjects) stay inactive, would they take any cpu power?

So what do you think would be best in terms of performance, and why?


Inactive gameobjects are really really cheap, very close to free. So in your case, it makes a lot of sense to have them as seperate gameobjects, since you'll only want to display only one at a time anyway.

Personally, I would probably try to make the character mesh separate from the three weapon meshes, and simply display the weapon that is currently in use.

As for performance, I don't think it will make a difference either way, as long as the meshes which aren't being displayed are inactive. I'd say go with whichever method you find easiest to implement.