2 joysticks controlling 2 different game object

Hi guys, I am new to both unity and this forums so sorry if i am doing something wrong. I am trying to create a simple android game for 2 players. The main idea of the game is that each player (playing on the same mobile) controls a spaceship on left and right side of the screen through 2 different virtual joystick (one for each player). The player that manages to destroy the other player’s ship wins.The game is very simple to make but i am stuck at the 2nd virtual joystick part. I have used CnControls asset package for creating a joystick on my other games that worked very well… but i don’t know if it can create 2 joysticks at the same time.
Is there a way i can create 2 virtual joysticks that control different gameobjects ? I have been googling about this for 2 days but haven’t find anything. So any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

So i finally found an answer, I emailed CnControls (Found their email on the asset store page) and they replied quickly with a solution :)). For anyone having similar problem, here is the email:

Hi You just need to assign different
Axis names to the second joystick so
it will control different aspects of
your game. For example, your left
joystick has Axis names “Horizonal1”
and “Vertical1”, which control
movement of the first character and
your right joystick has Axis names
“Horizonal2” and “Vertical2” which
control the second character. This
implies a bit of limitations, but this
is how the Unity works internally
(using hardwired axis names). Cheers.

Adding the extra axis and then using them in separate scripts for the players did the trick.
Thanks CnControl team for the quick answer :slight_smile: