2+ level Popup on InspectorGUI

I’m making and inspector GUI for creating NPCs easily through the inspector rather than searching the models on its folder. And I’ve found that, if a give to the EditorGUILayout.Popup an array of Paths, it will make sublevels for the folders shared for all objects, but not for the different ones.

So if I have a folder for people, and another for animals, both on Assets/Models/, On the inspector I would navigate through a first Asset menu, then a Models menu, and inside it I would see a list like this:

While the first submenus are annoying and I don’t want them, I would like that the same structure worked form People and Animals folder, so I chose People>womanA rather than a single string with the whole path. Is there a way for doing so?

Stupid error, I’m just gonna state it here in case someone need it. Unity owkrs with “/” while I was searching the folder structure, which works with "". So Unity understood the first symbols coming from Aplication.dataPath but not the other ones. Make sure to replace them