2 PS3 Controllers during Testing

I’m making a two-player fighting game and set input buttons for both player one and two. (Ex: Jab1 if for Joystick1, Jab2 is for Joystick2) I tried testing my controls and both characters were affected by a both controllers, disregarding their player numbers. I did a little searching up on the topic and found that you need to change the input on the Build Input on the game’s startup, but I’d prefer if it worked from the start. When I finalize the game, I don’t plan on an Input window being there, so is there any way to get around this?

Thank you in advance.

Unfortnuatly no, Unity ignored this problem for too long.

Anyways there are workarounds:


Maybe it can help you, there is also a free 1.4 Version, which you can try.