2 Questions about iOS Pro

So, I’m completely new here and I have a question about iOS Pro. Does iOS Pro just make it so it’s portable to iOS or does it, i don’t know… has some tools crucial to making iOS games, or both? Also, let’s say I make a game in Unity, and then I buy iOS Pro, would it be compatible, like would that go smoothly, or would I have to start my game with the add-on bought? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, my grammar is not the best since English is my 2nd language. Thanks.

1.) You can make a game for iOS using Unity Free. You do not need Unity Pro.
2.) Unity Pro adds certain features - render textures, off mesh navlinks, image effects, dynamic shadows etc. - that are nice to have, but not essential.
3.) To use a Pro feature for a certain platform you need Unity Pro AND also the Pro add-on for the relevant platform. So you would need to buy both Unity Pro AND the iOS Pro add-on.
4.) You can always start a project in Unity Free and upgrade partway through.