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  • Is anybody here getting into Decentraland.org??
  • Any tips , i know i got to sleep and trying :smile:, its not really working , ideas keep coming, and i cant do anything with it yet, sure im not the only 1 ? What do you do to quiet the brain?

If you're after blockchain support you'll likely want to wait for Unity's deal with GameCredits to bear fruit.


Otherwise you'll have to wait for any third party SDKs which last I heard weren't out yet.

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Wasn't really what i was going for , but thnx, i guess its good news, 1 doesnt exclude the other ? i actually made a bid on a plot , most likely not going to win any , but stil since its all developed in unity i was wondering

do they mention somewhere that its made with unity?


nice, hopefully the new version is unity also
as their github its currently marked old https://github.com/decentraland/bronzeage-editor

going to buy some land now..if still available : )

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Some spots open still, in center some plots go for between 6 - 12 k $ now, i actually wanted to go for a community plot, but got in to late for that a 1000 mana bid on the first day didnt seem to help ;) , i'd really like to get involved though :smile:, maybe im trying 1 more last day

they're using Aframe now but i guess that still same for what i understand, as u will still develop in unity just import in Aframe? guess u figured it out, am not all there yet ;)

did u win any? also if anyone into VR wouldnt mind having a chat with me ( a total noob), please let me know

aframe looks like nice solution, as it loads instantly.. but quite low end graphics?
was afraid if they use webgl, would be quite heavy to use.

bidding was pretty complicated process :smile:
made 1 bid but lost, now too expensive already, i guess need to wait until they sell the rest..

check out these unity related chats,

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some followup here, unity exporter tool