2 Xbox Controllers for Split Screen Game

I have a split screen game where the controllers are xbox controllers. The thumbsticks work perfectly for the 2 but somehow the buttons on both controllers are the same. Even though i have set the A button for player one to jump on controller one, and button B for player 2 to jump on controller 2, if i hit either button on either controller the character jumps. IE if i hit A on the second controller, the first player jumps. I have all the Input settings changed to either Joystick 1, or Joystick 2 depending on which player it is to no avail. Any ideas?

It seems that when testing your game inside unity, even if you change the input settings to controller 1 or 2 it acts as though the buttons are from the same controller. When you build the project and run it, when choosing the settings at which to run the game ie Display settings etc (after its built), you can choose an Input settings and changed the button configuration. You just need to rechoose your buttons and enter them with the controller themselves, and they will change from "Joystick Button 12" to "joystick button 12, joystick 2". So once you change it there it will work perfectly in the game, just not in the testing!

When you have an input set to ‘mouse or keyboard button’ it ignores the joystick field - that’s just for axes. The information is in the button string. For example, instead of
‘joystick button 1’ use ‘joystick 1 button 1’ or ‘joystick 2 button 1’. (It starts counting at 1.)