2 years trying to learn Unity


iam 40 years old man and my Dream to make a video game for Iphone or Ipad

Last 2 years tried to learn Unity with no success

my problem is Coding its to hard to Understand :frowning:

in the 90โ€™s I study (Basic ,COBOL and Pascal)
I Get A in Basic and F in COBOL and pascal i think C

I tryed to learn Java script becase lots of people say its easy but its to hard for me :frowning:

Is there a Chance Left for me to understand Coding in Unity?

Firstly, Unity is an amazingly wide and complex engine and I donโ€™t think anyone could learn how to use it properly in two years. I have always found that following unityโ€™s own tutorials and then experimenting with their scripts for a few weeks has helped me to understand the language the a greater extent.

there was a study that said after your 18 (i think) you dont learn as well anymore, this study went on for 5 years i think. if true then im screwed because i never went to school dropped out in the last year and smoked and drank a lot. but some how im still able to learn game design with no knowledge what so ever and about to release my first game in a couple of months.

look at the tutorials by will goldstone on youtube, i followed them for about a week and had enough information to start working on something, in all i think i was looking at tutorials for about 3 moths before properly starting my game. i choose a small project and learned how to do it whilst i was working.

at the end of the day making games have never been so easy with all the help and tools to get you started