2014 Windows and Windows Phone Games Competition - Congratulations winners!

The competition is now closed. Unity would like to thank all of the participants of this year’s Unity Game developer contest, sponsored by Microsoft.
This year we saw over 600 entries. The quality of games submitted was incredible and it certainly kept our judges not only busy but highly entertained. It was a tough call but we are thrilled to be able to announce the winners.

Unity - Windows and Windows Phone Games Competition Results.
Show us your awesome games for a chance to win up to $50k!

It’s competition time again. Following the huge success of the competition we ran with Microsoft in 2013, we’re inviting you to participate in a new competition. Any game you make with Unity, and publish to the Windows or Windows Phone Store prior to July 20th are eligible. To see the full terms, please visit the Windows Competition section of the Unity website.

There are three steps to follow:

  • Step One: Sign Up!
  • Step Two: Develop your game using Unity 4.3.4 (or later), Visual Studio Express (or any other SKU) 2013 and publish to the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store.
  • Step Three: Submit the game to the competition.

Judging of submitted games will start on July 20th. Only games submitted to the competition on or before July 20th will be eligible. Judging will be made based on Quality (50%), Creativity and Originality (30%) and Technical Excellence (20%). Winners will be notified on August 13th how to collect their prize.

Awesome. It would be great to see more of these competitions.

My game is not published because I do not have a credit card and I am required to have one for it to be published. I only have a debit card but They said it wont work on the registration. Does that disqualify my games?

Good day.

The FAQ states that we can't add ADs to the games for contest. Can we add ADs later, when the contest ends?

Yes. You need to be registered with Microsoft in order to publish to the store. If that process requires a credit card, then yes, you need a credit card. (And that js probably a requirement to prove that you are 18 or older.)

I don't have an official answer, but I can't see why you could not publish an updated version after the end of the competition. (Well, after the winners have been announced. Maybe if you win, you won't want to add ads?)

TWENTY (20) HONORABLE MENTION PRIZES: A Unity Pro license. Approximate Retail Value ("ARV"): $1,500 USD.

Please, say it will be Unity 5 license, or cover Unity 5 when it will be released...


Sorry for the cross post. I posted a question in the other thread and just realised that it would have been better to post it here:

Also, someone else posted an important question:

Thanks for your time clarifying things, Graham. This is an exciting contest, indeed!

I guess this is a pretty dumb question but, is the contest open to games made by just one individual? No teams allowed?

Hi, The contest is open to all Unity game developers - so indies and small or large studios etc.

I've used a VISA debit card to register at the MS Windows Store / Phone Developer site. As it's linked to your bank account what is the problem? The credit card company is where you'd deposit income you earn from the Microsoft Windows Store, it'd be deposited into your bank account.

That has to do which the law: it is illegal to run a contest to entice people to buy your product. They used to just to say 'No Purchase Necessary.' 'Void where Prohibited.'

Can we use unity free?
What are the steps to get a game from unity free onto the windows apps store? (maybe link please)

The instructions say that we have to submit several weeks prior to final date if we havent built a game for windows mobile, please explain? is this for unity free users?

is it possible to test games for windows 8 phones using emulator on pc?

I wonder why they made the deadline so early. It's a great competition but it basically restricts entries to games that have been released on other platforms or games that are close to completion.

Especially if you have never released to the Windows Store which basically gives you a month to finish the game plus a week of polishing and then hoping you are on time.

If this competition is a drive for more quality content on the Windows Store then they will have had more success by pushing the deadline to September. In my opinion anyway.

Good luck to all those who are entering!

Microsoft have adjusted the terms. Your games can use ads.


You mean, like some kind of documentation?

Well, the instructions say that your game needs to be submitted, and approved, before you can be eligible. Since this process can take some time, the advise is really to not leave it too late.

Maybe. You'll need a real device to test on though.

Hello Graham,

Will those award licenses cover Unity 5 when released?


Do we get a free license for Microsoft Developer to publish apps for this contest?

Hi, once you complete step 1 and sign up via the first submission form here: http://unity3d.com/contest/windows Microsoft will email you a unique token for a free Windows developer account. The email will come from Unity3d@microsoft.com

Is the free token valid only one year?