2017.2.0f3 Editor Very Slow?

Has anyone else found out that the Editor is extremely slow and choppy in 2017.2.0f3?

I'm on a high end desktop and since switching to 2017.2 from 2017.1 my development experience has become absolutely horrible. Every single alt+tab back to the editor takes 1-2s for the editor to come back. Pressing "play" to get in takes something like 10s now to launch play mode, and for the first 15-20 seconds performance in the actual game window is something like 20-25FPS, and finally it settles to go to 60FPS smoothly.

Clicking between prefabs in the Assets list can take 1-2 seconds... virtually every single thing I want to do is just slow.

Has anyone else had this? Any ideas how to fix?


Same here.

+1. This is everyone in our studio on a Windows machine. The alt-tab is one thing and seems to get worse the longer you haven't come back to Unity. Soime editor performance I've narrowed down to perforce integration. Try turning on 'work offline' and see if that helps at all. I can barely scroll in our project window. Duplicate assets, 10 seconds. Plzhalpkthxbye.

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Same issue. Had no performance problems on 5.6.2 but now takes much longer to do anything.

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I noticed the same, beside being slow since the beginning, it seems to get slower while in use. And I am running on a state of the art i7 machine with 48GB of ram.
After 2-3 hours that i work, even if the stats report ingame fps of 100+ and the computer task manager shows plenty of usable resources, everything gets slow and laggy when I hit play mode.
Also, but this since 2017.1, the project folders got humungous. I think some temp/library/whatever folder levitated so that a 10 GB project is now around 17GB and I didn't add enough assets to fill up 7GB for sure.

MacOS 10.13 here, Unity is almost unusable, very laggy and all Unity based games are having more or less same problem. For example Cities Skylines, there is lot of about this on Steam forum. After upgrading to High Sierra I can't get over 3 fps. I have 2.8 GHz i7, 16 GB, Intel Iris Pro / nVidia GT 750M.

Same here, on both my desktop and my surface pro. And at my day job too.

waves hand ditto.

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Hey, same here.

My Unity loads up very choppily and whenever I press start to test my game in the editor, problems start to happen. While it shows normally that I have 60fps in my game, some big fps drops happen which lag the game and interrupt the testing a bit.

This started happening since I updated my NVIDIA GPU driver to version 388.00 and updating my Windows 10 to the Fall Creator's Update. However, the problems started only shortly after updating the GPU driver, so I don't think the OS has to do anything with it.

I also have these specs for my PC:
Intel i7-6700 3.4GHz

EDIT: I also rolled back the driver to see if the problem could be fixed that way. For a few days, everything worked fine but then, the same "symptoms" were being shown so I re-updated my driver. However, the same problems as before are being shown currently.

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Same here, can't do anything : (

Unity guys... could someone tell anything about this??


are you connected to version control in unity? if so, try turning that to offline/disabling - this fixed a similar issue from the symptoms on our windows version of unity

Hi, I can recommend one thing when the editor gets super choppy that alleviates some of the problems for me (sometimes): Use "F" on the keyboard to focus on an object. It sounds stupid, but it actually works on my end. I will go from 5FPS to a smooth 60 in the scene view just after focusing an object. It will still drop down every 3-4 minutes, but I can at least bring it up without an editor restart.

Yep, the performance of 2017.2.0f3 on both Mac and PC is terrible for us too - extremely frustrating at the moment. Once again, I'm not sure how some of the bugs we're hitting made it out the door in a full release.

Having similar problems on both Mac and pc.

I updated to the Beta version on the same PC, and although most of the problems are fixed, there is still a bit of the same problems from before (some lag but ). Also another problem comes up for me when I press the keyboard the lighting and shadows freak out a bit.

EDIT: Problems have returned. The problems were triggered however when I ran my game in non-maximized mode.

Do you have the profiler window tabbed somewhere? Does it improve the situation when you close the profiler tab?

Nope, I don't have the Profiler tab anywhere.

And I'm not using version control either.

However, regarding the focus thing, when I played around with it, things did seem to become better. The problem is still there, but very minimised.

EDIT: The problems seem to be severe only when the Game tab is not maximized in the Beta. When the Game tab is maximized, the problems are barely noticeable. This is still quite frustrating since I can't run the game within the editor and analyse values in the Inspector.

Same here, Unity 2017.2.0f3 Is sooo laggy and slow, it is unusable, the view port works fine for a 2D scene.

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bump, please unity devs since so many version you dont improve the editor performance. this makes it so oftten unusable and also pain to find a "solution". tried everything and nothing is working.