2017.2 Proguard Minify Android Builds

Looking at the documentations for 2017.2, it looks like pro guard minification is being added for android builds. I downloaded the beta to check it out, but the box is greyed out in player settings. Do we know for sure that this is going to make it into 2017.2 for sure? Is this a pro feature? Is there any documentation on this somewhere? (other than just an enum in script docs )

This feature is available in 2017.2. The dropdowns are grayed out when the build system setting is set “Internal (Default)”. To utilize the Minify settings, change the build system setting to “Gradle (New)” as shown in the screenshot below. Once you do that, the Minify dropdowns will no longer be grayed out.


Check this answer StackOverflow, maybe help u to add your own Proguard