(2018.2.14f1) Scene Contents Randomly Gone

Within the past week I created my first project within Unity and got pretty far for being this new. I saved the project & scene multiple times throughout the day and successfully closed Unity, and re-opened the project later without any missing files or problems.

Today however ( After leaving the project untouched for 3 days) opening the project like I’ve done several times before, my scene now, only shows a simple canvas, with a single button now, as if somehow it randomly reverted to the first day I created the project starting with this setup. Anyone have any idea how this could’ve happened or how to solve this problem?

As a side note,rebuilding is not hard (at this point in the project) , I Just feel worried for the event that I continue working after rebuilding it, making a much more complex game, oily for this issue to repeat and I lose the scene contents again.

Replies with the statement “Backup your data next time” are not welcome, as, even if I backed up the data, I want to understand WHY the scene reverted the way it did and how to prevent it in the future.

Probably it for some reason opened a new empty scene this time. Try going to assets and double clicking your scene.

@MrStrategy I have the exact same problem, I have to finish my project in 4 days and its all gone.,@MrStrategy I have the same problem now, I have to finish my project in 3 days and its all gone