2018.3 b4 - still not visible in HUB for over a day !

Hi, the HUB is not showing the latest b4 which is available since yesterday !


Hi there,
The issue is resolved now, sorry for the inconvenience.
In case that you didn't receive it yet, you can either quit and restart the hub, or within the next hour, you should receive it.

Hi, and thanks. I actually went and removed b3 and b4 showed up straight in the list. I might have done this at the same time the problem was resolved. However it is now visible. Thanks !

@afshinity Getting the same issue again... 2018.3.0b5 not showing up on the Hub despite being already available (it shows up in the editor).

Not yet available in the web page !

Seems to always first show up in editor, then on website and then on the HUB ( i think so ) !

Why isn't the hub just using either the beta-download webpage or whatever that's getting it's information from to show the possible downloads?

Switching to the Installs tab is already so slow (about half a second) that I was assuming you were blocking for some web request to return.

Regarding the delay for the beta releases to show up in the hub, that was an error on our side, and we are addressing it for the next release of the editor.

Regarding the delay for the install tab, there is no web request is happening on switching tabs. I am investigating the performance issue. Thanks for raising it up