2019.1.2f1 how to get knuckles/index controller finger axes input using OpenVR?

I can’t seem to get the finger axes from the knuckles/index controllers. The controllers track properly and I can see trigger is being registered but none of the finger axes are. I have tried setting it up in the Input settings and using Input.GetAxis and I have also tried going through the XR input but both always give a zero value for the fingers.
(PS) I tried to upload pictures of the input settings to show they are set up properly but I’m getting an error every time I try to upload it so here are the values for the left index finger:
Name: Knuckles_Left_Index
Gravity: 0
Dead: 0.19
Sensitivity: 1
Snap: false
Inver: false
Type: Joystick Axis
Axis: 20th axis (Joysticks)
Joy Num: Get Motion from all Joysticks

 void Update()
        List<UnityEngine.XR.InputFeatureUsage> inputFeatureUsages = new List<UnityEngine.XR.InputFeatureUsage>();
        UnityEngine.XR.InputDevice inputDevice = UnityEngine.XR.InputDevices.GetDeviceAtXRNode(UnityEngine.XR.XRNode.LeftHand);
        for (int i = 0; i < inputFeatureUsages.Count; i++)
            if (inputFeatureUsages*.type == typeof(float))*

float val = 0;
bool valid = inputDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(new UnityEngine.XR.InputFeatureUsage(inputFeatureUsages*.name), out val);*

Debug.Log(valid + ", " + inputFeatureUsages*.name + ": " + val);*

var left = Input.GetAxis(“Knuckles_Left_Index”);
Debug.Log("Left Index Finger axis: " + left);

Hey, @mguidry Did you ever figure this out? I’m stuck on the same issue haha!