2019.2.0f1 Oculus Local avatar prefab empty

I am trying to create a simple VR space and the normally full local avatar prefab is empty. No base, body, hand_left, hand_right, controller_left, Controller_right, DefaultBodyMaterialManager, or DefaultHandMaterialManager.

Is there a known bug?

I ran into this, I fixed it by going into the Oculus Menu in Unity and Avatar setting and setting the two ID's to 999999. I'm pretty new to VR in Unity so I'm not entirely sure what those ID's are yet (something to do with the Avatars when deploying with a live Rift / Gear ID I assume) but I just wanted to see the scene working for the moment.

This did not work

Must be something else then, I'm very new to using VR in Unity and trying to get some help as well on other things but thought it might be worth a shot for you.

I had the same issue, solved it by rolling back to Oculus Intergration 1.38.

How did you roll back?