[2019.3.12f1 Steam Build] Game loads past Splash Screen, but screen goes black after 2-3 seconds. Have sound, cursor and UI is responsive.

Hi, I am developing a game, that is currently in early alpha on steam.
Basically I have an issue on a laptop with not the greatest hardware (Intel i5 2.2GHz, Intel HD Graphics 5500), as in the title the game turns on with splash screen, then the login scene appears, sounds plays and cursor moves. After 2-3 seconds the screen goes black, sound still running and cursor moves; if a UI button is clicked the click sound is played.
I can’t get past the login scene to see if any other will work as a name has to be entered and confirm button clicked. There are also some buttons at the bottom of the screen, which also work as one opens up the web browser on our wiki page. Another one I managed to click was the Settings button, but clicking that one crashes the game on this laptop. In .dmp file the error is summarised:

The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

I’ve searched the forums but it’s generally an issue for android developers.
Hope that someone can shed some light on this, many thanks, Misiek.

edit: The game run before on this laptop, but a fair amount of changes have been implemented including updating the project to HDRP.

bump, still having the issue