2019.3.13f1 Single-Pass causing some objects to appear in different locations in each eye

I didn't have this issue in 2019.2. Things look fine in the editor, but when I build the game using single-pass rendering, I'm seeing some objects appear in different locations for each eye. It's a disorienting double-vision effect. But what's odd is that many objects in the scene look fine in both eyes.

I imagine it could be shader related, but some of the objects with the issue were simple buttons with TextMeshPro labels. I'm using a popular birds/butterflies asset, and the birds all had this issue.

I tried googling, but so far haven't seen anyone else report this.

Could it be related to the SteamVR plugin? I don't have the latest, and wasn't planning to upgrade because it doesn't work with VRTK, and it's also the case that the new SteamVR plugin has lots of changes that break projects built on older versions.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

The new SteamVR lets you show the “VR View” for the left and right eyes, so I can show you what I’m seeing:

Left Eye (correct)

Right Eye (screwed up)

So in the right eye, these buttons are positioned completely incorrectly.

Another example:

Left Eye (correct)

Right Eye (so strange!)


So as you can see in the right eye, some objects are positioned correctly, but some are shifted. This shifting isn’t static, so as I move My head around, the weirdly positioned objects move around also.

I originally thought it was a shader issue (lots of shaders had problems with single-pass in the past), but it doesn’t seem related to this. Unity is just flat-out putting some objects in the wrong place.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Thanks.