2019 LWRP ForwardRenderer questions

Hi, I am just starting to try LWRP, and have 2 questions regarding Custom Forward Renderer:

I am currently using Unity 2019.1.5f1

  1. At first I wasn’t able to “add” on the Forward Renderer I created, then I read a post saying updating the lightweight RP in Package Manager, so I decided to update all of them to 5.16.1 (everything, including lightweight RP, Core RP Library, and Shader Graph). Now I can add, but it only shows “render objects (experimental)”

I played around with downgrading in Project Manager and different versions, some versions don’t have the “experimental”, and some of them the “add” button doesn’t work, so is there a best “stable” version setting that I should follow? Is the “experimental” considered as beta? and should I be using that or downgrade to a stable one?

  1. I tried to follow this GDC demo, but cannot find and “blit” or “full sreen quad” options when I click the add button in my Forward Renderer. I saw some comments asking when they will be released, so I am assuming it will be a future features? And if so, is there any information on when it will be released?



Below is the GDC Talk that I was trying to follow:

I got stuck here too. Turns out ‘Blit’ is a custom Render Pass included in the example project: Assets/Scripts/Runtime/RenderPasses