2019 Sprite Skin Issue

After many hours trying to get my sprites to work in 2019 unity i found out you need to add sprite skin entity to remove errors however when i add a prefab to my scene with the sprite skin and sprite skin entity attached it makes my other gameobjects with the sprite skins stretch and distort.
is there any solution to this? its infuriating .

Anybody had or have an answer to this issue? I’m using 2019.2.8 and my sprite looks good when placed in the Scene, but when adding the sprite skin component and clicking ‘create bones’ it distorts the image. Or any further sprite editor changes like weight brush changes and apply further distort the image.

After much experimentation, figured out that in ‘weight brush’ you can’t delete a bone weight influence on a vertex or set of vertexes such that it has no bone influence at all, which will look ok in the sprite editor posing but distorted vertexes in the scene. To fix, replace some or all of the bone weight for the vertexes looking to remove or reduce influence - selecting the vertexes in question and reviewing how their bones are assigned and weighted - to be assigned to the root bone or some fixed bone and that will allow you to reduce bone weight influence without it distorting the vertex in the scene display. Each vertex points always need to have a set of 1 or more bone influences that sum weight total to 1. The scene vertexes distort when they have no bone assignment or areas of the sprite editor color weight display that are black/clear.