2020.1 sluggish vs 4.7

  • in-panel search is instant in 4.7 whereas in 2020 it's waiting for coffee
  • compile time still a bit slower in 2020
  • scene load time on par with 4.7
  • pulldown menus eat one more click in 2020, 4.7: you click on one then click on the other and it reliably opens instead of closing the first one eating a click unnecessarily

1 click
2 clicks

1 click
2 click
3 clicks

overall feeling when I switch from 4.7 to 2020.1 is that something's wrong with my machine


also popup menus are confusing, they look too much like a field, add a longer shadow to them and a subtle gradient
4.7 popups couldn't be missed for fields so that's another regression

another small one that's indicative of bad direction:
2020 you have to click then select

4.7 up to 2017 you just click cycle on it which is far more interactive - it's faster for artists

also notice the regression here: there are two choices one for the visualizer and one for the slider, gone

It's not just sluggish, I'm getting this popup for doing anything. Deleting assets, entering playmode. It's completely unusable right now. I'm gonna file a bug report for this, but I feel like the switch to new Asset database is gonna be a long and painful road ahead of us all.


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That's my experience too, so shall we skip this one? 2020.2 ought to be better.

Thanks for the report @mahdi_jeddi , we'll look into it.

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Thanks, I also made another separate bug report with forum post about performance regression when using sprite atlases.

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