2020 alpha trial watermark

Howdy fellas! So I just build a "release" version of my android game to test the input and smoothness. I noticed a very annoying "trial" watermark in the bottom right corner of my screen. Note: I live in America and I have a personal license. I have never had a trial watermark before. Any thoughts as to why this is? Or is it just a bug.

ak3gq This is a video i took of my android screen (took it for a Discord group) but you can see the annoying trial watermark right there on the right. Cheers!

It's in the known issuses:
Build Pipeline: "trial version" watermark visible on builds using non-trial licenses

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Awesome thanks man!

What is the new Trial version? Is it different to the regular free Unity license as well as Pro and Plus?

It's nothing to worry about. Sometimes the alpha versions of Unity have a trial watermark at the bottom right of the builds. This is mainly on alpha builds as I don't remember seeing it on betas but it could happen. Either way, the final version of Unity doesn't have this watermark

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Question is: When does the alpha go into beta? Hopefully before I start beta testing my game. Don't want people thinking I'm using a "trial" version of Unity :)