2021.2.0f1 - Oculus Quest 2 builds no longer run at the specified 90Hz, only 72Hz.

Title says it all really :slight_smile:

Have a project I’m working on, all running smoothly and working as expected with 2021.1.27f. The Oculus Quest 2 APK files build and run on the headset at 90Hz which is what I want and how I’ve set up the project. Can also run at 120Hz if I set it to that, all works fine.

The same project opens perfectly and compiles as expected in 2021.2.0f1, no errors on build at all etc, but the resulting APK file only ever hits 72Hz no matter what I’ve specified.

There are no errors so not sure what logs to post to help the devs work this out, or even if it’s a Unity or Oculus package related issue.

Anyone any ideas?


So what have you specified and where? Can’t help if we don’t know what you’ve already tried.

My setup's just a really simple bit of visual scripting that sends a float of 90 to the systemDisplayFrequency of the OVRPlugin (the Oculus XR plugin).

Works fine on all my 2021.1 builds, but on 2021.2 it doesn't have any effect. No errors though.


Maybe file a bug report?

Will do, thanks :slight_smile: