[2021.2.15b] Initial import floods 32GB RAM and crashes OOM

I'm trying to import our existing project (Aprox. 50GB library folder in size) into the latest Unity beta and on a fresh import from deleting the library folder, Unity will fail to import on the first launch as it eventually eats up all 32GB of memory on my dev PC.

I enjoy all the improvements to the import pipeline for sure, but I feel like it may have become a bit too agressive and needs to scale itself based on available memory.

Try with a project that does not include the library folder to see if it still happens.

I did do this yes.

This happens for all all the time, when the Editor tries to import the SpriteAtlases and PSB files. I would recommend to check for those and maybe disable disable the sprite atlases in Editor.

I’ve flagged this thread internally. It would be much appreciated if you could submit bug reports for these issues, ideally with reproducibles.

The one with the Sprite Atlases is hard to reproduce, but I made a new bug report for the PSB files: Case 1372221

Thanks @mahdi_jeddi !