2022.3.23: super high GPU usage + X-low framerate stream to quest 2 (fine in 2020.lts & eu4)


with xr toolkit 2.5.2

same in 2022.3.18

reverting to BIRP works

Did you check the frame debugger? Or deep profiling?
Does the project use soft shadows? Or post processing?
Did you try changing depth texture mode to after transparent or force prepass?

dude this is STREAMING to quest, not native.
reminds me i wanted to try a new driver...
and for posterity in case restore points fails:

Updating drivers could help, and my response still stands (although bloom is less important then).
If only SSAO is ticked (which it is in the URP template) it could kill VR performance.
Deep profiling and using the frame debugger can help a lot to find out the root of the issue