250 fps when rendering cube

I created a project and did built and run. I am trying to create softbody physics. It works, but gets me 250 fps. When I disabled the script and re-built the project, I still get 250 fps. I don’t have a bad pc. I can run valorant at 250 fps, so I don’t know why unity is so slow.

I tried to use the profiler and it said that I got about 4 ms on “other”. I looked it up and other had to do with unity running, so I closed unity and built and ran. The fps in the editor was less than 100 fps for just rendering 1 cube and 1 sphere. No scripts activated.

Unity is giving me -100 fps in editor and -300 fps in a build (Only rendering 1 plain cube and 1 plain sphere)

I figured it out.

When checking out the Windows 11 built-in task manager, I discovered that unity would be using like 10% of my processing power.

It turns out that the reason your frames aren’t as high as they might have been because your computer is using less energy and generating less heat when it is not necessary.

Previously, a couple years ago I did unity, and then took a break. I would get 1500 fps on an old laptop. Windows or Unity must have changed to use less power and thus lower frames when it is not needed.