2d/3d portal physics and effects from "Portal" series

Hi, I thought it would be interesting to re-create the portal mechanic of the game “Portal” in 3D or the mechanics of “Mari0” in 2D, which is the classic Super Mario Bros. for the NES re-created with portals. Just like i think it works in Portal, in one portal you see the other side by using render textures, what I can’t understand is the actual teleporting and how a part of the model or the image of the character teleports to the other portal. In Mari0 when you enter a portal you can still see part of the character on the other side too, so it’s not quite a teleport. Mari0 is done with an engine named “LÖVE”, but I was just wondering if you can do the same thing in unity as well.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a screenshot to better explain myself.

Hi everybody, I just realised there’s a question very similar to this one and has 2 or 3 answers. For those who wants to know the solution for this with or without unity pro this is the link of the question: How do I render 2D Sprites partially (side to side teleport) - Unity Answers