2D | A better way than just to create a ton of sprites.

Hey all.

I am making a 2D arena fighter sort of game, and I am getting to the point where I need to add the weapons.

I was thinking a simple solution would just to be to create lots of sprites and change the player model whenever they pick up a weapon to be a player sprite holding that weapon.

However, this seems very inefficient and time-consuming - as I would need a player sprite for running, jumping, etc for each weapon.

Is there a better way of doing this? Maybe like adding anchor points to all the weapons and the player’s hands?

Thanks, and sorry for the vague question title - I didn’t know how else to word it.

There are many different solutions to this, and to be able to help i would require a little bit more info.
In any case here’s some general approaches

  • As you said you can create many
    multiple sprites for each different

  • You could handle the character
    animations with a character sprite
    without hands. And have a hand object
    with its own animations when
    unarmed.Weapons should have the hands
    already attached to their respective
    sprite,and then have the weapon or
    hands as children of the character.
    That way the whole character animates
    independent of the weapons he has

  • You could have a character sprite
    with bones using anima2D. Then you
    can normally animate it as you would
    with any 3d object and attach the
    weapon to the hand bone you want.
    That way the weapon will move along
    with the other character animations
    as the weapon follows the hand bone.

Hope i helped!