[2D] Add force to all colliders within a certain radius

I am making a 2D game and after a few days of testing, I am unsure how to add force to all colliders within a certain radius. As seen as this is a 2D game, AddExplosionForce cannot be used (maybe it can and I am just missing something).

Maybe use Physics2D.CircleCast or Physics2D.OverlapCircleto get array of colliders:

Vector2 originOfExplode;
float radius;
float forceMultiplier; // force of the explosion
public void Explosion ()
    Collider2D[] colliders = Physics.OverlapCircleAll (originOfExplode, radius);
    foreach (Collider2D col in colliders)
        // the force will be a vector with a direction from origin to collider's position and with a length of 'forceMultiplier'
        Vector2 force = (col.transform.position - originOfExplode) * forceMultiplier;
        Rigidbody rb = col.transform.GetComponent<Rigidbody> ();
        rb.AddForce (force);