2D Adobe Illustrator Graphics To Mesh?

I need to create roadway markings that are very precise. My plan is to have my raster-based terrain showing the roads/grass, with a mesh overlay showing the precise roadway markings.

I’m familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, but not Blender or other 3D apps.

Does Blender (or any other application) have the ability to take a 2D vector-based graphic (i.e., .ai, .cdr, .wmf, etc.) and convert it into a mesh that can be imported into Unity? I simply need the mesh to look flat, just like painted roadway markings, and I’d like to do the illustration work in AI or Corel. I don’t want to invest in learning Blender unless it can do that for me. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Yes, Blender can import ai files, but Blender, as you say is a steep learning curve.

You might be better off looking at this program: http://www.unityterraintools.com/


It’s actually pretty easy in Blender or any 3D program that allows UVing. Just create a plane or flat cube and map your graphic to it. Export as FBX, done.