2D and 3D lights in a scene. URP,2D and 3D lights in scene URP

I am currently making a 2D shmup with 3D models for bosses. Problems arise though due to lighting. 2D lights confuse the normals in the model. An example would be if you could see the back of a textured cube. This is the model I am using.

What I’m aiming for is a system to have both 3D and 2D lights for their respective dimensions.

Any help is appreciated :),I am currently trying to make a 2D smup game with 3D models as bosses. The problem arises with models and lighting. 3D models are affected by 2D lights which causes the normals to become confused and show the inside faces of tri’s.

I can’t think of how to have both 2d and 3d lights in a scene. If it’s not possible I will have to redo all the bosses I currently have which would feel defeating at the very least.

Any help is appreciated :).

This question bugged out a bit, sorry :confused: