2d animated game

i want to know can i make a game with unity based on 2d animations … i mean for example like drawing all of walking cycle frames for a character and then binge it into unity and walk with him around ?
and can i make such a game for ios …does it support ?

There is a great tutorial on Unity's site called "2D Gameplay Tutorial". It is a 2D game that teaches you how to create it so you can incorporate what you learn from it into your own game. It even has scripts that you can use. It is a great learning experience and it's free. The site is:


There is also a great book that teaches Unity to new users and it is 99% on 2D game development. I learned a lot from it. It is titled: "Unity 3D Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide" by Ryan Henson Creighton

You can make it for the iOS but you have to change some scripting as well as buy the iOS license from Unity ($400) so you can test it on your iOS device. You also need to be registered with Apple as a developer ($99) and download their SDK (Software Development Kit) and go through the certificates that you need to install the game on your iOS device so you can test it out. There is a lot involved but if you take it step by step, it's not too bad.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, @infrid for correcting me. I was thinking of the right game but wrong name.

You want to check out spritemanager. this post has more details.