2D Animation 5.0.1: Optional Performance Packages Updated

2D Animation 5.0.1: Optional Performance Packages Updated

For the 5.0.1 version of the 2D Animation package we have updated the optional performance dependency packages to:

  • Unity Collections 0.9.0-preview.6
  • Burst 1.3.3

Optional Install for Improved Performance
What does it do?

By installing Collections and Burst packages, 2D Animation can optimise performance for high bone counts (this includes current performance gains for complex Sprite meshes with high vertex counts). Animated Sprite deformation at runtime will get a performance boost as well.

This works by allowing the 2D Animation package to use Burst compilation and low-level array utilities to speed up Unity’s processing of Sprite mesh deformation.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you are using Unity 2020.2. Get the latest here
  • Confirm that you are using 2D Animation 5.0.1
  • Install Burst and Collections packages by navigating to the Packages folder of your project, opening the manifest.json file and adding the following lines to the dependencies section:

"com.unity.burst": "1.3.3",
**"com.unity.collections": "0.9.0-preview.6",**

Enable Batching Option
If the performance boost doesn’t work as expected, you can revert any Sprite Skin component to use the previous implementation by clearing the experimental Enable Batching option.

Note: The Enable Batching option only becomes available on the Sprite Skin component with these packages installed.