2D Animation does not start


I’m making a 2D game with Unity.
I have made a shape with the PolyMesh plugin as the deafult Unity lacks basic premade shapes.
I’ve animated it, and it works as I expected.
Then I’ve copy and pasted it a bit further away in the level, and I created a new animation. This animation doesn’t play in-game automatically. It only plays if I press Play in the Animation window and then start the game, which makes it start the animation from the start and loop properly.

I am using the Animation Component instead of the Animator as I find the Animator too confusing for the simple, looping animation I want.

Thanks in advance.

it sounds like you forgot to put Entry box in the animation editor ( the box with green color ) , try to add entry box in your animation and tell me if it fix the problem (sorry for being 5 year 12 day late).