2D animation package error after making a new ECS project.,Cannot work with ECS due to a 2D animation error

Hey, as the title stated I can’t work in a ECS project due to an annoying error. This is a brand new project that I created with the 2D template, and imported the com.unity.entities package. I’m using the 2022.2.0b10 version of Unity. I initially had more errors, but a restart of the editor fixed that, now I’m left with one error preventing me from doing anything.

The error is listed below.

Library\PackageCache\com.unity.2d.animation@9.0.0\Runtime\TransformAccessJob.cs(165,62): error CS1955: Non-invocable member 'NativeHashMap<int, TransformAccessJob.TransformData>.Count' cannot be used like a method.

Since the file is immutable, I can’t edit the file to try to fix it, so I’m stuck at this point. Is there some pre-requisite I’m missing potentially? I’ve been following the entities overview page but there is no mention or solution that I know of. Thanks for any help.

Figured it out, Unity’s 2D assets don’t play nice with Entities. Removing packages related to Unity’s 2D packages did the trick.